our history

The firm of Elton + Hampton Architects is dedicated to serving those who live and work in urban areas through a process of integrated community design. We take pride in our contributions in rebuilding, reweaving, and stabilizing blighted neighborhoods, in serving disadvantaged, disabled, and elderly populations, and in creating sustainable architecture that complements our unique architectural histories and endures for the future.

Created in 2000 through the affiliation of Principals P. Nicholas Elton, R.A., and Bruce Hampton, A.I.A., Elton + Hampton Architects brings together the experience, commitment, and talent of a staff of dedicated professionals, previously associated with Elton & Associates and Bruce Hampton, Architect.

Nick Elton and Bruce Hampton have combined experience of more than fifty years, and individually distinguished careers devoted to a practice of sustainable architecture that is, first and foremost, community based. Our work helps neighborhoods realize a vision of what they want to be: economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

meet the team

William T. Barrett
Senior Project Manager